AP/ES consists of former aerospace OEM and government engineers with over 75 years collective experience in the aerostructures industry.

Stress & Failure Analyses

Experienced aircraft stress analysts, finite-element modeling specialists, microstructure experts, and unique fractography capabilities get to the root causes of your engineering problems.

Service Life Assessments

Using advanced and existing technologies, AP/ES and strategic partners can provide customers with criticality overviews and specific structural integrity evaluations tailored to their unique structural systems and fleets. Assessments address the impacts of maintenance and inspection programs on cost, fleet readiness, and structural safety.

Fatigue & Fracture

AP/ES has diverse expertise in disciplines such as damage tolerance, crack nucleation, durability, corrosion fatigue, holistic life assessments, spectrum analysis and generation, and mechanical testing.

Process Development and Automation

Software developers with extensive engineering experience can create custom solutions to meet a customers' needs. Automating repetitive analytical tasks, parsing and evaluating results, linking and porting software, and developing specialized programs, macros, and reports are all day-to-day examples.